Database Maintenance


We can provide weekly, monthly or annual on-site or off-site maintenance and support to ensure smooth running of database operations of our clients. A proactive planning and approach are key to prevent from any unexpected events.

Backup & Recovery Strategy

One of the most important aspects for a database environment is ensuring reliable backups are being performed regularly and a dependable recovery plan is established in the event of a system failure, data corruption or suspected database. Our SQL experts can prepare a sound backup and recovery model for your organization to ensure faster availability in case of a disaster.

Backup Plan – cloud, onsite and offsite

We can design your backup policy for cloud and/or offsite storage to protect your precious data from being lost in case of a catastrophe.

Recovery Plan

We can design your recovery plan. How to bring your business back online in the shortest possible time and without any loss of data.

Maintenance Plan

A well-established Maintenance Plan will help keep your database and transaction log in good shape.

  • Backup and Restore strategy
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Data and Transaction log file management
  • Index Maintenance
  • Statistics Maintenance
  • DB structural integrity and corruption detection
  • Monitoring availability and health of Database Servers and Databases.
  • Capacity planning for growth
  • Archive Plan for large growing databases for optimal performance and data security.

We have special considerations for small and medium sized clients who cannot afford to hire full-time DBA.

We can prepare customized plan to meet their database maintenance requirements and to fit their budget.

We provide DBA expertise for the following database technologies:

  • MS SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Sybase
  • Cloud Databases – AWS RDS & MS Azure SQL Database
  • Managing data and transaction log files
  • Eliminating index fragmentation
  • Ensuring accurate, up-to-date statistics
  • Detecting corrupted database pages