Database Design and Development


Design RDBMS and SQL Environment

Let SQL Experts build your database environment in the right manner to optimize and secure your data:

Database Design

We have expertise to design RDBMS. We can analyze data requirements, build ERD diagrams with entities and relationships adding key attributes, business and integrity rules. We can use data normalization process in our database design technique to remove data redundancies.

Data Definition Language (DDL)

Ensure proper database design principles have been followed while designing DDLs e.g. tables structures with parent (Primary Key) and child tables (Foreign Key), appropriate data-type for each column in the table, constraints, views, functions, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, filegroups, table partitioning etc.

Archive Plan

A proper archive plan for large growing database for optimal performance and data security is an important aspect and should be included in the database design phase.

Secure Your Database

When we build your Database environment, we can take full advantages of its native and the operating system security features.

Database Growth / Capacity Planning

Some busy database can grow very large very fast, a proper growth monitoring and allocating adequate storage space, properly storing the filegroups, data files and transaction log files can give tremendous boost to the database performance, data availability and data protection.

Database Optimization

There are some configuration adjustments on the database side and some on the operating system side to take full advantage of the available hardware resources and give maximum boost to your database performance.

Query Optimization

The query optimizer attempts to determine the most efficient way to execute a given query by considering the possible query plans. The goal of query optimization is to reduce the system resources required to fulfill a query, and ultimately provide the user with the correct result set faster. Writing an optimal query will boost overall application performance.