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b, 3, xk5, l, f4h, lx, 3c, dd9, SQL Server Consulting Canada | USA. 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Hybrid On-premises & Cloud


The term hybrid refers to a combination of public cloud and on-premises datacenters. Hybrid solution could serve as a path to migrate part or entire of the datacenter to the cloud over time or use cloud services to extend their existing on-premises infrastructure.

When to choose a hybrid solution

  • Cloud-based solutions are more scalable
  • Cost of ownership with cloud solutions vs maintaining on-premise hardware.
  • Where is your data most secure?
  • Database speed and reliability
  • Disaster Recovery / Redundancy

Our database consultants are fully competent to help our clients in assessing their business needs and recommend hybrid on-premises and cloud solutions, migrating and maintaining their databases in the cloud – AWS RDS and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.