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z, 2, ke6, g, SQL Server Consulting Canada | USA. Remote / Onsite DBAs. Performance Tuning. Database Disaster Recovery.



SQL Experts Inc. has provided database consulting services to many companies of all sizes – small, medium and large in USA and Canada. We offer highly professional and cost-effective solutions related to the database and cloud database technologies.

Here are some of our clients:

Team Support

Dallas, USA

Atlantic Metro

New Jersey, USA

Medical Associates of Clinton

Iowa, USA

Arnet Pharmaceutical

Florida, USA

NorthWest Eye Surgeons

Seattle, Washington, USA

TSC Direct Insurance

New York, USA

Distributor Central

Kansas, USA

ECR Sales & Services Inc.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ontario Real Estate Association

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

Markham, Ontario, Canada

EFT Canada Inc.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Corporate Communications Interactive.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

College of Nurses of Ontario

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Barcode Graphics Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada